Kids and Trees... It’s Only Natural​

At Earthbound, we believe that everyone, regardless of age, benefits from spending time in nature.  For children, the importance cannot be overstated.  

After many years in Early Childhood Education, with much time spent inside the classroom talking about trees and the forest, Carol Norton, co-founder of Earthbound Kids had the idea to bring her school age children to the family tree farm for a week long outdoor experience. 10 years later Earthbound Kids has grown to over 200 children per week and countless visiting schools, many of whom who have invited us to green their school yards. 

When we created Earthbound Kids parents jokingly asked us if they could come to camp with their kids. They loved the experience.

So we’ve created a place for the whole family. Earthbound Farm & Country House is a place to learn together, play together and be together.

As our mission has always been, we’re obsessively passionate about letting kids be kids and exploring nature. When people feel connected with the outdoors they’ll be more likely to care for it.