Dear Parents,

Like most of you, we’ve been monitoring the impact of the COVID-19 virus and determining the best response and precautions we can take.We would like you to know that Earthbound Kids will continue to operate during the March Break with regular activities. Because Earthbound Kids is a low traffic facility and not open to the public we are identified as a low-risk location. Each day during March Break we will have about 30 campers and 10 staff on the property. Please know that our core value of Safety First for our campers, staff, and animals does dictate that we will be taking some extra precautions during this time.

We will be adding some additional safety measures next week to uphold our commitment:

    1. To promote a more hygienic experience we have placed several hand sanitizers in key areas and will be promoting proper handwashing and cleanliness practices. We will encourage everyone to wash hands with soap, avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth, cover any coughs or sneezes with a tissue and avoid physical contact.
    2. Staff will be making inquires of our campers regarding their health, and monitoring them regularly for any outward symptoms related to the virus.
    3. Staff will be adding a more aggressive routine of cleaning surfaces with disinfectant cleaning solutions.Please rest assured that if anyone shows signs of illness they will be withdrawn from programming and asked to be picked up immediately. We will notify all of our March Break families if this occurs.

If you, a family member or your child are experiencing any cold or flu-like symptoms, have had known contact with an affected individual or have recently traveled from any of the originating countries, please notify us and seek medical advice and/or remain at home until you are well again.We are committed to overcoming these current challenges in a calm and rational manner and will continue to navigate through these evolving circumstances with a committment to keeping everyone safe and healthy.

Next week, we are looking forward to celebrating Spring with our March Break campers! We will learn how to tap our Maple trees to make yummy syrup, and plant seeds for our Children’s garden to take home! Plus more fun spring activities! See you soon!

All the Staff at Earthbound Kids

If you have a question or concern: Please use our online chat in the lower left corner of this website to speak directly to an Earthbound staff member at the farm, or email us at